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Heyday MedLegal Services is a global HealthCare Data Management teamer. We take time to understand the client business strategies and focus on total customer end-user satisfaction by providing HealthCare data solutions. Our team at HDMLS has solid understanding of anatomy, physiology and medical terminologies. We are most privileged team by empowering customers with business and technology solution; providing specialized in HealthCare services through our collective sustainable processes. Hence, we bring right people in to right processes; matching their talent and experience in utmost priority in enhancing performance and business results. HDMLS pin almost all type of Medical Document and all specialty documents in different formats.


Dear Attorney, do you know what are the seven criteria for high quality documentation cited by American Health Information Management (AHIMA)?


Providers must practice and refine their ability to create documentation that meets the seven criteria for good clinical notetaking: the documentation must be Legible, Reliable, Precise, Complete, Consistent, Clear, and Timely, AHIMA says. And a loud “Yes”! We here at Heyday MS provide a one-stop solution to ANY or ALL of your needs! 

Principles of Medical Record Documentation

The medical record has many purposes, for instance: it serves as a communication tool for a wide variety of players; it chronologically documents the plan of care for the patient; and aids the doctor in the defense of a medical liability claim. Regardless of whether you are using paper or electronic medical records the following principles apply.



HDMLS ’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the Medical Record Review seekers; in which we operate economically that result in end-user satisfaction. We build quality partnerships and use our operational expertise to create value for our customers


Our Vision is to offer Medical Record Services and Solutions globally. Team and Quality is our Potential core to reflect what we deliver. Client satisfaction is what we achieve.

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Our reviews save your time with our product. Each and every report of the patient will be taken in detail and all critical information in Medical Records will be highlighted